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Healthy Montana-grown foods packed with western heritage.

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Picture of Cowboy Flapjack Mix

Cowboy Flapjack Mix

Whole wheat, whole barley, cinnamon, buttermilk honey. Yummy.

22 oz. - $6.00

Picture of Dude Flapjack Mix

Dude Waffle & Flapjack Mix

Ginger flavor, buttermilk, honey, all purpose & barley flour and barley flakes.

22 oz. - $6.00

Picture of Hucklebuddy Flapjack Mix

Hucklebuddy Flapjack with huckleberry syrup

Purple barley flour makes lavender cakes.

26 oz. - $9.00

Picture of Rough Rider Cookie Mix

Rough Rider Cookie Mix

Rolled barley cookies or bars, naturally good & healthy. You add butter and eggs and optional chips, dried fruit.

23 oz. - $6.00

Picture of Cowboy Copper Bread Mix

Cowboy Copper Bread Mix

Whole wheat, barley flour, barley grits—hearty bread. Add water, yeast included.

20 oz. - $3.50

Picture of Loaf of Gold Bread Mix

Loaf of Gold Bread Mix

All purpose and barley flour, whey & honey in tasty yeast bread mix for bread machine or oven. Add water, yeast included.

20 oz. - $3.50

Picture of Wagonmaster Italian Barley Soup Mix

Wagonmaster Italian Barley Soup Mix

Nutritious barley with spices and recipe. Great reheated. Serves 8.

12 oz. - $4.50

Picture of Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans

Also known as chickpeas. Make your own fresh hummus! Grown locally.

Picture of Hulless Barley Flour

Hulless Barley Flour

Whole grain hulless barley stone-ground here. Low gluten. For yeast bread use 1 to 3 with wheat flour. Great flavor and adds fiber.

Picture of Organic Golden Flax

Organic Golden Flax

Omega-3 rich. Whole grain certified organic golden flax from Dawson County, Montana.

Picture of Quick Barley Flakes

Quick Barley Flakes

Like oatmeal but twice the cholesterol lowering beta glucans.

Picture of Barley Flakes

Steel Cut Barley Flakes

Thicker, slower cooking. Great for granola.

Picture of Barley Flakes & Flax

Barley Flakes & Flax

A 5/1 blend of Montana-Grown barley flakes & organic golden flax.

6 lb. - $12.50

Picture of Cowboy Bubble Bath

Cowboy Bubble Bath

Novelty, great stocking stuffer. Packaged beans. Directions: Cook and eat one hour before bathing.

Picture of Treasure State Amber Hulless Barley

Treasure State Amber Hulless Barley

Great for soups. Keeps its plump texture even with re-heating. Grows 250% on cooking. Also available in bulk.